Sustainability | Chemtest


Social Responsibility

We believe that a modern company should go beyond the traditional vision that claims that profit is the sole corporate goal. In a modern society, our company’s legitimacy should not be solely based on its economic success, but rather on its ability to create bonds of trust with those who contribute to improve social and environmental conditions, and promote human rights.


We know that caring for the environment is essential to avoid pollution and misuse of natural resources. We are committed to implementing corporate standards that allow us to keep up excellent quality and help the environment.

We choose non-contaminating practices, processes, and supplies that protect everyone’s health and safety.

We also have a policy for the rational use of water, energy, and fuels to optimize natural resources. We are extremely careful when classifying and manipulating materials in order to protect the environment.

Green test

At Chemtest, we develop each diagnostic product with minimal environmental impact, by replacing infectious agents with innocuous agents, reducing risks for both our staff and the environment.